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Wild Turkeys Resurgent As Thanksgiving Day Nears

Visitation GodWild Turkeys Resurgent As Thanksgiving Day Nears and around here we do have a feast. We have had Wild Turkey, Organic-free range with no additives etc, and also deep fried turkeys.  Wild Turkeys provided by our son who went hunting, are a dark meaty bird. My farm girl mom, loved wild turkey, wild goose, wild duck, and the idea of having an au-naturel’ bird is appealing. But we now buy a bird, which is free range, and has no added chemicals or anything to make it grow fast. It is as natural as can be and great too. But the fact of a Wild Turkey is something that many still enjoy. The part about this day, is a day of Thanksgiving!

Be sure to listen to our Thanksgiving teaching here> and also the American Thanksgiving here>

WIBR/WARN Radio Commentary on Wild Turkeys Resurgent As Thanksgiving Day Nears

Watch this video courtesy of CBS Sunday morning on a visit to Wild Turkeys in the natural… I used to love the close of this show because they always show nature in its actual occurrence.

Turkeys may be on pretty much every American’s Thanksgiving shopping list, but wild turkeys are a whole other story. While sales of the big-breasted birds surge every holiday season, the wild variety is showing up in backyards and parking lots this year from Maryland to California. And that’s not exactly welcome news for many residents, who… Continue reading
Christian Don't Return to Egypt Pt1

Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1

Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1

Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1 | ID# shabb-112114-christian-don’t-return-egypt-pt1

“A Journey for those who look into the Whirlwind of these Last Days”

“It’s a Jaded corrupt society we live in, but our hope in Christ Jesus has never changed” The Watchman

Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1 begins with the example of Israel in Egypt. It is easy in America to lose track of the Lord. In our rich society many have gotten caught up in society and the worlds attractions. But for the believer, we have been delivered out of the world, from our sins, and removed from their bondages. Yet for many believers, bondage is a way of life. In fact, many return to Egypt, back into bondage from whence the Lord delivered them.

Further as we look at Israel; understand that Once delivered out of Egypt, ‘a type of the heathen lands’ but now it becomes a place into which Israel is to be driven away on account of its apostasy from the Lord. But there is Hope that through the valley of trouble and tribulation the people will come to trust in the Lord God and be able to walk through the Door of Hope.

Lev 26:13 I am the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright.

Eph 2:12 That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:

Eph 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ
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Watch the first half of Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1

Watch the First half video of this segment below:

Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1a from The_Watchman on Vimeo.

Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1a on Sound the Shofar on Vimeo

Listen now or download the Mp3 Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1, it is stereo 64k

Continue in Post to watch the Second half video Christian Don’t Return to Egypt Pt1b of this segment

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mosel refuges

Iraqi Kurds to U.S.: We need heavy weapons to defeat Islamic State

Iraqi Kurds to U.S.: We need heavy weapons to defeat Islamic State

When ISIS came at Kobane, they were better equipped, as the group had acquired major US weaponry from the Iraqis who had fled and from the Assads army who had been defeated. They took military bases and even had three aircraft. Yet, over time; the YPG, YPJ, and Peshmerga who later joined them with heavier armaments made the ISIS advance into a retreat. 

Therefore, it is quite evident that the Iraqi Kurds need heavier arms and weapons to defeat the IS. But what they may lack in weaponry, they make up in fighting abilities and resistance to oppression.  In our neck of the woods in the midwest when you corner a Wolverine, you better watch out; nothing is more dangerous. So it is, when you have the Kurds cornered, it is then they are the most dangerous. Yet they still need help!

WIBR/WARN Commentary on Iraqi Kurds to U.S.: We need heavy weapons to defeat Islamic State

Iraqi Kurds issued a message to the Obama administration: heavy weapons are needed to defeat the Islamic State group. Kurds on the front lines against the radical Sunni terror group say they need helicopters, tanks, artillery and an assortment of heavy weapons if they plan on mounting successful offensive military operations. “We cannot fight with these… Continue reading
WIBR Warn Radio Ministry Is 21:6

Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavery Bought Back By Families

Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavery Bought Back By Families

ISIS from the start was bloody, yet when they arrived at the Yazidi area’s, it was a slaughter. ISIS raped, took hostages, and sold their girls, women, and babies into slavery. They beheaded, killed, and murdered many other Yazidis. However, as the Yazidis took refuge in Sinjar, ISIS was a threat but coalition bombing later on helped. But it was the Peshmerga who rescued many of them. Now Yazidis are in the camps and facing winter.

WIBR/WARN Commentary on Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavery Bought Back By Families

Yazidi families forced from their homes in northern Iraq have begun to buy back their daughters, sisters and mothers from the Islamic State group, or ISIS terrorists, who kidnapped them to be used as sex slaves. Almost 150 of the kidnapped girls have returned to their families in Kurdish-controlled areas in recent weeks, according to activists,… Continue reading
Obama and Biden

Biden, Erdogan Talk Turkey On Syria And Iraq

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden spent four hours talking with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Istanbul Saturday in what was seen as a fence-mending foray in the wake of Biden’s remarks criticizing Turkey for not doing enough to keep Islamic State group supporters from joining the carnage in Syria. Biden and Erdoğan discussed a wide… Continue reading
drudge impeach him

Obama signs order expanding US Afghanistan role: NYT

WASHINGTON — US President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing a broader military mission in Afghanistan in 2015 than originally planned, the New York Times reported on Saturday. The decision ensures a direct role for American troops in fighting in Afghanistan for at least another year, it said, adding Obama’s decision was made during… Continue reading
Iran Nuclear IAEA

Iran Nuclear Talks May Be Extended as US Sees ‘Big Gaps’

VIENNA (Reuters) – World powers and Iran struggled on Saturday to overcome crucial differences that are preventing them from ending a 12-year standoff over Tehran’s atomic ambitions, raising the prospect of another extension to the high-stake talks. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said “big gaps” remained with two days to go before a self-imposed Nov.… Continue reading

Volunteer “Shovel Brigade Mob” Hits Buffalo Streets as Flooding Fears Rise

BUFFALO (Reuters) – As temperatures near Buffalo, New York, rose above freezing on Saturday, volunteers fanned out to help their neighbors clear the walls of snow that have paralyzed parts of the region this week, but the warming trend also raised the threat of flooding. More than 200 volunteers, called the Shovel Brigade Mob, armed themselves… Continue reading
Hero Putin in Russia

Russia for strengthening energy ties

Russia for strengthening energy ties

Above, the Twitter pic: “Line of trouble, Russia and the Ukraine”

As the USA and NATO push sanctions against Russia, Putin and his arm of people have reached out to North Korea, China, and now Pakistan; not to mention Iran. There are many others they continue to embrace as well. It is a modern cold war of politics and agreements. We have followed Russia since this push against him over the Crimean region and they are ever so resistant to the west and their overbearing push against them. But they continue to be all over the globe, and in the face of America.

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on Russia for strengthening energy ties

Pakistan and Russia have agreed to cooperate in oil and gas exploration and other transnational energy projects, including CASA1000 and TurkmenistanAfghanistanPakistanIndia (TAPI) pipeline. During the third session of PakistanRussia Joint Working Group (JWG) on Energy, the Pakistani delegation led by Ambassador to Russia Zaheer A. Janjua also held meetings with major Russian energy firms, said a… Continue reading

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