No Fear of God in their Eyes

No Fear of God in their Eyes on Prophecy Headline News

No Fear of God in their Eyes on Prophecy Headline News 09-15-14

 No Fear of God in their Eyes, nor in their Heart. The Eye is the window to the soul and today many are darkened. This proceeds out of the cold climate of their soul. It is given over to money, power, fame, riches, war, bloodshed, hatred, pleasure, self-indulgence, religiosity, and outright sin. But in all this is truth, real life saving truth; if you will hear it!

 No Fear of God in their Eyes on Prophecy Headline News

 The society we live in today; whether in America or elsewhere is lawless and getting worse. Obama continues to push his wack-a-mo approach to fighting ISIS.  It is obviously a push to make the bloody group of Islamic jihadist’s behave. Instead of calling them Islamic, Obama and Islamic groups in US are denying ISIS is Islamic. Of course, ISIS is following Mohammed’s approach to jihad and if they are not Islamic, then neither was Mohammad.  Obama’s puppet “Kerry” managed to get a coalition of the unwilling to make verbal agreements, but the fact is the support by many Arab nations and even our own friends like the UK and Germany flat out refuse to get involved. As America wages this war and tries to put on the happy face telling Americans ‘we have a coalition’, the truth is, the only ‘Coalition’ is in the minds of the deceived administration. The New York times gave a blistering attack on Obama’s coalition and although a weak coalition was formed to battle ISIS, it is America on her own.

 “As a student of terrorism for the last 30 years, I am afraid of that formula of ‘supporting the American effort,’ ” said Diaa Rashwan, a scholar at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, a government-funded policy organization in Cairo. “It is very dangerous.”  

No Fear of God in their Eyes on Prophecy Headline News

No Fear of God in their Eyes on Prophecy Headline News from The_Watchman on Vimeo.

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Trumpets 2014 Sweetness n Joy Pt1

Trumpets 2014 Sweetness n Joy Pt1

Trumpets 2014 Sweetness n Joy Pt1

Go to our Remnant Resource page for Recipes for Challah Bread, Unleavened bread, and other Feast resources and teachings; you will find these items about a 1/3 way down they will say Remnant Resources: Recipes and Remnant Resources: Feasts of the Lord etc.

Trumpets 2014 Sweetness n Joy Pt1 | Show ID#rb-090914-trumpets-2014-pt1

“A Journey for those who look into the Whirlwind of these Last Days”

“blowing of Trumpets”: Trumpets

terah: acclamation of joy, blowing of trumpets, rejoicing, sound, high, joyful

When Israel went into captivity into Babylon they adapted the Babylonian months into their own calendar. Before captivity, they used numbers for the months. Originally, it was the “blowing of Trumpets”, a Shabbat, a memorial, a holy convocation. The feast is the beginning of the year. It has a special festive meal, similar to Friday evening Shabbat meal.

Today they celebrate Rosh Hashanah in Tisheri, a Babylonian month adapted by Israel; and made it into the New Year. Rosh Hoshanah means “first of the year” or “head of the year”.

1. It is also known as Jewish New Year

2. It is called the Day of trumpets, we blow the shofar

3. It is called a Day of repentance

4. It is the Day in which the Lord will come

5. Traditionally they Wear White

6. No work is done, it is a shabbat day

Lev 23:24 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation.

Num 29:1 And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work: it is a day of blowing the trumpets unto you
Keywords:No Greater Love, God the Father, Son, Spirit, Yahweh, Yeshua, Jesus Christ, cross, Word of God, Almighty, redemption, salvation, end of days, prophecy, Beast, false prophet, antichrist, Love, world, nations, Word of God

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Trumpets 2014 Sweetness n Joy Pt1a on Vimeo

Listen now or download the Mp3 Trumpets 2014 Sweetness n Joy Pt1, it is stereo 64k

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India’s Christian Pastors Suffering Under The Law

Suffering Under The Law

India’s Christian Pastors Struggle to Find True Justice

ICC’s India Corespondent,

9/12/2014 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The law is often used by Hindu radicals in India to intimidate and persecute Christian pastors. Anti-forced conversion laws, blasphemy laws and church registration regulations are often used by radicals as weapons to destroy the ministry of a Christian pastor. In Karnataka, one of India’s southern states, many Christian pastors have often been subjected to this form of persecution. Radicals across the state have been accusing Christians, most notably pastors, of “forcible conversions,” even though the law, officially and ironically known as the Freedom of Religion Act, is not a part of Karnataka’s penal code.

India’s Christian Pastors Struggle to Find True Justice

Anti-forced conversion laws are now operational in five Indian states, including Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh and are likely to spread under India’s new BJP government.

Under this stringent law, “no person shall convert or attempt to convert, either directly or otherwise, any person from one religious faith to another by the use of force or by inducement or by any fraudulent means nor shall any person abet any such conversion.” Unfortunately, this law is often manipulated by Hindu radicals into a tool of persecution.

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Babylon America

Texas Sheriff’s brutal warning to ISIS

Texas Sheriff’s brutal warning to ISIS

When CNN’s Don Lemon asked Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter what message he would like to send to the terrorists, he replied, “If they rear their ugly head, we’ll send them to hell.”

Texas Sheriff’s brutal warning to ISIS

Our Featured image for this post: “Babylon America“, watch the special from our 2012 Archives!
Babylon America Pt1
Babylon America Pt2

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”

Ever Wonder how ISIS got so much money, so well equipped, and how these fighters were trained by America?

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”, it’s true and many have spoken of How ISIS was made by America and her allies in order to fight Assad; now the fighters have turned and joined ISIS.

Listen to this video by R/T who is covering another story, but in the process gives details of how ISIS fighters, well equipped; were trained by America and her allies.

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”, what a load of deception!

Russian Navy Flotilla put through paces in Bracing arctic waters

Russian Navy Flotilla put through paces in Bracing arctic waters, Kara Sea

Russia moves out of Warm fuzzy relationships with the West. Now they are doing maneuverings near the Arctic and close to their old Soviet-era base.
Listen as an R/T correspondent gives you a short look at the latest in this Russian presence.
As R/T says of Russia, “Russia’s boosting its presence there”

Six Russian Navy ships are being put through their paces as they sail towards a Soviet-era base in the Arctic, loaded with personnel and equipment. News that Russia’s boosting its presence there has drawn a lot of international attention. RT’s Murad Gazdiev has been welcomed on board for the journey, and he’s finding out more about the mission.

Russian Navy Flotilla put through paces in Bracing arctic waters

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Massive Security flaws and other issues at Nuclear Power Plant Near DC

Massive Security flaws at Nuclear Power Plant Near DC . The story was broke by the Daily Caller here. But it was important enough for Foxnewsinsider to cover. The fact that in the US we are an open society does not preclude the fact that with open borders and thousands of illegals streaming across due to Obama’s administration policies on immigration, there is a threat.

Apparently no one seems to understand it. The Power plant is the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power plant. The power plant  was the subject of an article in 2013 by the Maryland reporter who said “The lone commercial nuclear power plant in Maryland might be on its way to early retirement for primarily economic reason.” Then again in 2014 the Baltimore Sun reported that “The operators of Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant have been cited for a miscalculation that federal safety inspectors said might have triggered an unnecessary evacuation or other emergency response to an insignificant radiation leak.”

Continue in Post to see a video by the Daily Caller and how lax the security was at the Calvert Cliffs.  What do the authorities say about this lax in security? Well, proceed in post to find out!

Massive Security flaws and other issues at Nuclear Power Plant Near DC

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snow storm

Winter Preparedness Propane dealers try to head off another shortage

Winter Preparedness Propane dealers try to head off another shortage
When someone speaks of Propane, my ears are attentive. We have learned that in today’s lifestyle economy, one minute you have something and the next you don’t. In Propane the supply has been a problem. Yes there is a supply but the problem is the price is triple over the last time you bought some. If your a homeowner; or in our neck of the woods an RV owner, Trailer house, or a farmer who needs a tank; then buying propane on a regular basis is what you do. In the Winter this means no propane means no heat. If the prices are high, then the choice is heat or food!

Winter Preparedness Propane dealers

The article below speaks to this issue and the location is Wisconsin and Minnesota. When they say they “hope to head off a repeat of last winter’s supply crisis”, I know what they mean.

WIBR/WARN Commentary on Winter Preparedness Propane dealers shortage and related article on supply crisis

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