ICC Calls on Egypt to Rescue Kidnapped Christians in Libya

ICC Calls on Egypt to Rescue Kidnapped Christians in Libya
26 Christians Reportedly Kidnapped by Radical Islamic Militants Since July, Some by ISIS Branch in Libya

1/27/2015 Washington D.C., (International Christian Concern)

Today, International Christian Concern (ICC), a Washington D.C.-based religious freedom watchdog group, launched a petition calling on the Egyptian government to “immediately begin rescue operations on behalf of an estimated 27 Egyptian citizens kidnapped by radical militant groups in Libya.” The petition goes on to say that if swift action is not taken, the kidnapping victims could “face the possibility of enslavement, torture, and execution.”
The majority of the Coptic Christians believed to be held by radical Islamic militants were abducted in two separate raids in December and January. On January 12, a group claiming to represent the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) in Libya took responsibility for kidnapping 21 of the victims, calling them “Christian crusaders.”

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Two Years After His Conviction, We Are Still Waiting for Saeed

Two Years After His Conviction, We Are Still Waiting for Saeed and as the ICC calls for his release; I want to remind you that there are others in prison in Iran who are Christians. There are other Pastors and Christians in prison in Iran. The Pastors charged with spreading “corruption on earthcould face death penalty. Persecution under Hassan Rouhani, who is the current President of Iran was called by CNN an “Iranian Centrist Candidate.” But under his rule persecution of Christians have been worse than under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the previous President. Although Ahmadinejad had a strict view of destruction of Israel and said they have no future in the Middle East, he looked like he faired well in Iran; however he was arrested in 2013 and warned to keep silent about the affairs of the Islamic regime.  The point here; While Saeed needs releasing; don’t forget there are Christians persecuted and in Prison in many nations. Remember them all!  WIBR/WARN Radio Commentary

ICC Calls for the Release of Saeed Abedini on the Anniversary of His Conviction

1/27/2015 Washington D.C.
(International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) is partnering with Christians across the world to call out for the release of American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini.

January 27, 2015 marks the two year anniversary of Pastor Saeed’s conviction for allegedly undermining the national security of Iran through his involvement in house churches. On this date, he was condemned to a sentence of eight years in Iran’s Evin Prison which the American Center for Law and Justice has referred to as a “virtual death sentence.”
On the morning of January 27, 2013, Pastor Saeed stood before Judge Pir-Abassi in Tehran to receive his verdict. Shortly after the trial, State Department representative Darby Holladay reported that, “Mr. Abedini’s attorney had only one day (January 21) to present his defense, so we remain deeply concerned about the fairness and transparency of Mr. Abedini’s trial.”

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Join us Warn Radio Celebrates 1000 Episodes on Blogtalkradio

Join us Warn Radio Celebrates 1000 Episodes on Blogtalkradio

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Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 pt3

Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 Pt3

Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 pt3| ID# shabb-012315-surviving-afflictions-pt3

“A Journey for those who look into the Whirlwind of these Last Days”

Prudence: sekel; say’ -kel; intelligence; implies success; discretion, knowledge, policy, sense, understanding, wisdom, wise.

Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 Pt3 end our study on the ability to survive what is coming. In this study we have defined, looked at, and dealt with scripture and Prudence along with wisdom and knowledge. It is in this struggle to survive when chaos is all around us, that we must be found in the Lord and in him, we have a supernatural aspect that will affect our physical; that is where we live. This is miraculous, and also personal as we take the prudence, wisdom, and knowledge of scripture and combine it with prayer and fasting to find a “well considered, carefully thought out design, plan, and conclusion as to our plan of action.

In part three we will further deal with the practics of this and bring forth the scripture to help guide us. It is here that we tie the teaching together and look at what we have discussed in our own efforts to be ready for what comes. In this part three, we also cover a special addendum as we have time; which deals with Christian living in the psalms.

Mat 10:5-42

5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:

6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

• Work the ministry God has given you, or the Job he has given you!

7 And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

•Work the ministry with all signs and wonders

8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

•Work the ministry and believe God to provide; here you have Prudence working with faith.

9 Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses,

10 Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat.

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Is Obama pro- or anti-drilling? It depends

Is Obama pro- or anti-drilling? It depends and from where we sit in Wyoming he is an enemy of carbon, that means drilling.  But it also means coal, which if the Obama policies are not changed, then four coal mines in Wyoming’s PRB will have to shut down by 2030.  In this neck of the woods President Obama is seen as “anti-carbon” and an “enemy of Wyoming’s Mineral development“! The irony is that Obama spoke of shutting down the Carbon industry during his first campaign for President and it is the energy industry that has bailed out his failed economy. It sure never hurt!

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on Obama has it both ways on oil

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is attempting to create a legacy as both driller-in-chief and environmental champion, as he proposes to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness while also touting a drilling boom across the United States that he didn’t create. Obama could take a major step for his energy legacy as soon as… Continue reading Is Obama pro- or anti-drilling? It depends

Former Top Spy Calls CIA Leak Verdict an ‘Injustice’

Former Top Spy Calls CIA Leak Verdict an ‘Injustice’

Former Top Spy Calls CIA Leak Verdict an ‘Injustice’ and today after  9-11, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma bombing; Injustice appears to be a three letter word for no more democracy. That three letter word is U-S-A! Especially under the ‘secretive President “keep it quiet” Barack Obama’! But he is in the line of a long list of Presidents who want to do things and keep it quiet to the public. Yet the real criminal here is prosecutorial methods and hangman strategies of the US government.  It is here that we find the proverbial “Whistleblowers“, now add another one named Jeffrey Sterling. We have had numerous individuals come out to warn the world of the secret goings on in our Whorish governmental system run by those who like to do their work in the dark. Why did Snowden leak and run? Well, from what we see today; if you do not run, then jail awaits! 


Patrick Lang doesn’t like leaks, not after decades as a Green Beret and a second career at the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he ran worldwide spying operations. But on Monday, he called the conviction of former CIA operative Jeffrey Sterling on espionage charges, for allegedly leaking classified information to a New York Times reporter, “an injustice.”… Continue reading Former Top Spy Calls CIA Leak Verdict an ‘Injustice’

Erdogan critical of US-led Kobane campaign as Kurds celebrate

Erdogan and Turkey

Erdogan critical of US-led Kobane campaign as Kurds celebrate their victory over ISIS. It is not surprising that Erdogan is upset with the US led coalition bombing. The whole world has been watching the fighting at Kobani, which became a world spectacle. The Turks, from atop the hill; near the border over looking Kobani simply watched from the beginning to the ending. They never moved a muscle to help fight ISIS. Although they did take in Refugees, Turkey was caught red handed helping ISIS fighters across the border to fight the Kurds. In the early days, Turkey did not want the Kurds to win; it seemed as much when they drug their feet to help in the border crossing at Kobane and Turkey.

WIBR/WARN Radio Commentary on Erdogan and the Kurds of Kobani

Istanbul (dpa) – The US-led coalition that intervened to help Kurdish fighters defeat the Islamic State in Kobane should have also directed military resources against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said Turkey’s psident as he unleashed a salvo of criticism Tuesday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who failed to take a clear role in the coalition against… Continue reading Erdogan critical of US-led Kobane campaign as Kurds celebrate

Inside the Saudi-U.S. Rift

For years, whenever Saudi Arabia and the United States bickered over Middle East policy, the relationship never seemed dangerously strained. The two sides have frequently clashed over Israeli settlements in the West Bank, a solution to the Syrian civil war and Washington’s efforts to ink a nuclear deal with Riyadh’s rival, Iran. But what held the… Continue reading Inside the Saudi-U.S. Rift

FRANCE – ‘France is your homeland’, Hollande tells French Jews

Warn Radio 1000 Episodes
Warn Radio 1000 Episodes

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French President François Hollande announced tough new measures to combat anti-Semitism on Tuesday as he marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp with a visit to Paris’s Holocaust memorial. “France is your homeland”, Hollande told representatives of the Jewish community gathered at the Shoah Memorial in central Paris, Europe’s leading Holocaust… Continue reading FRANCE – ‘France is your homeland’, Hollande tells French Jews

Two Israeli Soldiers Killed, Seven Wounded as Violence Flares on Lebanese Border

The threat of a full-blown conflict between Israel and Hezbollah increased on Wednesday after the Lebanese militant group fired a missile at an Israeli army vehicle along the frontier, killing two soldiers and wounding seven, the biggest escalation since a 2006 war. The attack, which Hezbollah said was carried out by one of its brigades in… Continue reading Two Israeli Soldiers Killed, Seven Wounded as Violence Flares on Lebanese Border