Lt. Col S.C. Update 'covert USA'

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Greg Rinchich, AKA Lt. Col. S.C. Update

Below are the notes from our show with key words to give you an idea what is on each segment.
Note: this show will air in two parts over our AVR network by satellite, FM, and our internet feeds next month.

Warn Radio “into the night” with the Watchman Dana G smith, today “The Lt. Col. S.C. is back with us”, Part I: with the Lt. Col. S.C.

The Lt. Col. SC, Greg Rinchich, updates, on personal life, then we go into depth on the military call up, Obama, Russia and CIA operatives, overthrow USA, one world religion, we go back to 1980’s military black ops, cocaine, heroine, Osama, assassins, arrow-nuclear rocket to strike Israel in 2009 [the event occurred in 1981, they overheard this conversation of a phone call from spain to Afghanistan], no strike hit on Bin Laden given in 1981 by Black Op’s, CIA drug trade, 50% illegal drugs big pharmacies, rest go to Wall street by people who play by the rules and have the contacts, CIA Washes the drug making it untraceable, 1.5 million dollars per hit cost in 1981 surgical strike, plus 3/4 million to wash target of opportunity for each one. 1979 in south america-everyone was suit and tie (CIA)-CIFA (go between Central Intelligience field Activity)- between foreign and American soil, FBI – Infogaurd (volunteer blackops FBI agents) -information gaurds,

Warn Radio “into the night” with the Watchman Dana G smith, today “The Lt. Col. S.C. is back with us”, Part II: with the Lt. Col. S.C.

Dogs – MS-13 members, sting operation MS-13 infilitrating small towns,
he was sent to verify that nothing nuclear was being shipped, blackwater, Government weapons, china white, MS-13 gangs were going to wipe out small American USA towns, Mosquito-shoulder fired rocket-11 tsp of powder but can vaporize a tank-were titanium canisters but now fiberglass, low tech can beat the high tech New World Order in the coming gorilla war, Ed Dames inventor of remote viewing, Black Ops training Gangs (CIA) influenced by pride its not a money issue-Overthrow USA by Russia-Blackops-China-Muslims-MS13 these will do the work, Four Letter agency (covert)-we use this name to protect this agency -keeping close eye on MS13- founder of this agency is an Israeli sniper, The Lt. Col was in this group 10 years ago, a close CIA contact said
they caught a 30 man team that was out to assassinate a certain upcoming Elected Official, next 30 days- UFO agenda will be pushed hard, DNA -bible code-demon seed-sequencing, nephilim, fallen angels, aliens, disease, sin, martial law, Bush.

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