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Bedouin Tribes Conducting Human Trafficking Sinai

Bedouin Tribes Conducting Human Trafficking Sinai and with it comes torture. We have covered this in our Headline News shows.  However it seems that today as human beings, we love the almighty dollar or mammon more than the right of any human to live on this planet that God has provided. It always astounds me as to the level of injustice, hatred, violence, bloodshed, and torture that various groups will succumb to. They will persuade themselves, justifying their actions either by their god whom they serve, or by the lusts of their own flesh.

The Bedouin Tribes are no different, for that matter from Islamic butchery that does such things and worse in the name of their god. It is just as evil. An example of this is ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, and others.

But this is about taking hostages out of the West Coast of Africa and transporting their human cargo to desolate camps in the Sinai, where butchery, chicanery, torture, and ransom is pursued.  

Watch the Video, Tortured in the Sinai, continue in Post for more info and links!

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Iran Nuclear IAEA

Why Iran should not get the Bomb or Capability -video

Why Iran should not get the Bomb or Capability -video is top quality and very well produced documentary called Iranium. You may have heard of it, but it is again out in the open. You need to remember why Iran should not become Nuclear and why the Obama administration should not allow Iran to get the Nuc capability.

Also watch, “night of the Vulture” see link below.

Iranium – The Islamic Republic’s Race to Obtain Nuclear Weapons
Published on Jul 19, 2012

A timely and powerful documentary presenting the danger posed to the free world by a nuclear Iran. The film exposes the radical Islamic ideology guiding Iran’s leaders, and the destruction it causes.

also watch the short film “Night of the Vulture” produced by Iran

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Iraqi Kurds to U.S.: We need heavy weapons to defeat Islamic State

Iraqi Kurds to U.S.: We need heavy weapons to defeat Islamic State

When ISIS came at Kobane, they were better equipped, as the group had acquired major US weaponry from the Iraqis who had fled and from the Assads army who had been defeated. They took military bases and even had three aircraft. Yet, over time; the YPG, YPJ, and Peshmerga who later joined them with heavier armaments made the ISIS advance into a retreat. 

Therefore, it is quite evident that the Iraqi Kurds need heavier arms and weapons to defeat the IS. But what they may lack in weaponry, they make up in fighting abilities and resistance to oppression.  In our neck of the woods in the midwest when you corner a Wolverine, you better watch out; nothing is more dangerous. So it is, when you have the Kurds cornered, it is then they are the most dangerous. Yet they still need help!

WIBR/WARN Commentary on Iraqi Kurds to U.S.: We need heavy weapons to defeat Islamic State

Iraqi Kurds issued a message to the Obama administration: heavy weapons are needed to defeat the Islamic State group. Kurds on the front lines against the radical Sunni terror group say they need helicopters, tanks, artillery and an assortment of heavy weapons if they plan on mounting successful offensive military operations. “We cannot fight with these… Continue reading
WIBR Warn Radio Ministry Is 21:6

Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavery Bought Back By Families

Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavery Bought Back By Families

ISIS from the start was bloody, yet when they arrived at the Yazidi area’s, it was a slaughter. ISIS raped, took hostages, and sold their girls, women, and babies into slavery. They beheaded, killed, and murdered many other Yazidis. However, as the Yazidis took refuge in Sinjar, ISIS was a threat but coalition bombing later on helped. But it was the Peshmerga who rescued many of them. Now Yazidis are in the camps and facing winter.

WIBR/WARN Commentary on Yazidi Girls Sold Into ISIS Slavery Bought Back By Families

Yazidi families forced from their homes in northern Iraq have begun to buy back their daughters, sisters and mothers from the Islamic State group, or ISIS terrorists, who kidnapped them to be used as sex slaves. Almost 150 of the kidnapped girls have returned to their families in Kurdish-controlled areas in recent weeks, according to activists,… Continue reading
Obama and Biden

Biden, Erdogan Talk Turkey On Syria And Iraq

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden spent four hours talking with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Istanbul Saturday in what was seen as a fence-mending foray in the wake of Biden’s remarks criticizing Turkey for not doing enough to keep Islamic State group supporters from joining the carnage in Syria. Biden and Erdoğan discussed a wide… Continue reading
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Obama signs order expanding US Afghanistan role: NYT

WASHINGTON — US President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing a broader military mission in Afghanistan in 2015 than originally planned, the New York Times reported on Saturday. The decision ensures a direct role for American troops in fighting in Afghanistan for at least another year, it said, adding Obama’s decision was made during… Continue reading
Iran Nuclear IAEA

Iran Nuclear Talks May Be Extended as US Sees ‘Big Gaps’

VIENNA (Reuters) – World powers and Iran struggled on Saturday to overcome crucial differences that are preventing them from ending a 12-year standoff over Tehran’s atomic ambitions, raising the prospect of another extension to the high-stake talks. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said “big gaps” remained with two days to go before a self-imposed Nov.… Continue reading

Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL Targets in Syria and Iraq

Coalition Airstrikes Hit ISIL Targets in Syria and Iraq

Coalition Airstrikes have provided major advances for those opposing ISIS. In Kobani, the YPG, YPJ, and Peshmerga along with heavier weapons have made inroads into ISIS ability in the city of Kobane. Along with Coalition craft bombings, ISIS has left many parts of the city, but ISIS is far from being defeated in many areas. 

WIBR/WARN Commentary on Airstrikes, Iraq, Syria

Two EA-18G Growlers fly in formation as part of operations supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Credit: U.S. Navy/ John Philip Wagner Jr. U.S. and partner military forces continued to attack Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria this week, intensifying operations to degrade and destroy Islamic State terrorist operations. Coalition forces conducted over 50 airstrikes using fighter,… Continue reading