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I still stand with Israel

Islamists Control Other side of the Golan, No Peace

New reality for Israelis on Golan Heights: Islamists now control the other side and this means the enemy is closer than before. With all the fighting going on around Israel, the tiny democracy has been relatively at peace. That is until the latest war in Gaza with Hamas. A recent headline from the Jerusalem post stated the obvious; Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon briefing journalists spoke to the issue that the “coming year will not be quiet on the security front.”

There is no doubt a fire burning in the middle east and now the whole world is on fire with that right now. America is again in the action and many Arab nations who might not want America as a partner, side with her firepower and might. It is indeed the end of days!

Now as the article below relates; the Islamists who have been fighting Syrian dictator Assad are now on the other side of the Golan Heights. The war is imminent.

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on Islamist Control Other side of the Golan, No Peace

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ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”

Ever Wonder how ISIS got so much money, so well equipped, and how these fighters were trained by America?

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”, it’s true and many have spoken of How ISIS was made by America and her allies in order to fight Assad; now the fighters have turned and joined ISIS.

Listen to this video by R/T who is covering another story, but in the process gives details of how ISIS fighters, well equipped; were trained by America and her allies.

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”

ISIS Fighter “I am Made in America”, what a load of deception!

US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity

US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour

US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour 09-08-14

 US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour today. As the world continues it slid into regional conflicts, we find War is the utmost tool many radical groups use today. This fits into the pattern of the last days and will bring in the dark one, ref: the Son of Perdition 2 Thess 2; the Beast in Revelation 13. As America joins a world coalition of nations who want to stop ISIS, this war will be different; or so they say. Then Ebola heats up and America again joins the nations to put down this disease.

 US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour

 In all this we find that the real battle is ongoing in many regions of the world. There are not only radical Islamic groups, but radical Hindu groups in India now that have started to follow the bloody mantra of ISIS. In Iran the persecution of Christians is ramping up and the Obama Administration does nothing to label or say that Iran is indeed an enemy. In Nigeria a slaughter of Christian’s villages, homes, and believers is going on as Boko Haram pushes its Caliphate in Nigeria. From Libya, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, India, we have seen a real effort to totally obliterate Christianity from the regions where the believers in Jesus Christ have lived in peace before this latest round of violence.

 US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour

US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour from The_Watchman on Vimeo.

US war with ISIS, Ebola, and attack on Christianity on Prophecy Headline News Hour

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assyrian christian mother fans child 114 heat

ISIS in Mosul: Homeless Children, Homes seized, Girls kidnapped, robberies-Iraq HHRO report

Featured Photo above: An Assyrian mother fans her child at a refugee camp in Ankawa. The temperature was 115F (46C).

Chaos,confusion, death, homelessness, robberies, kidnapping mostly of young girls to satisfy the sexual appetites of Jihadst perverts is the norm of the day in Mosul Iraq. The Hammurabi Human Rights report has brought this to the attention of many in its latest report.

As the world watches and aid is dispatched to the plains of Nineveh where  Assyrian Christians are gathered with no home, food, or shelter except that which has been provided for them; the areas in Iraq under ISIS; like Mosul are not good.

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Report: ISIS Terrorist Who Killed Foley Is British National, Nicknamed ‘John’

Report: ISIS Terrorist Who Killed Foley Is British National, Nicknamed ‘John’

Amy Kellogg reported the latest this morning, pointing to a Guardian newspaper report that quoted a former hostage who had been held in Syria.

The personal told the paper that he recognized the voice of the masked man, saying he is educated and goes by the nickname “John.”

No Greater Love Pt1

Are Muslims Satanists – You Decide

Are Muslims Satanists – You Decide!

We have for many, many years now been in contact with the indigenous churches in many areas of the world. From India and other places, contact has been made with us. We have read the record and also watched the video’s testimony of violence and hatred done to Christians and their churches. We have on record on this site; articles that show this hatred and violence.  The featured Image for this article has the words “No Greater Love” from our latest series, watch it; No Greater Love!

The point here is that we have a video made by Theodore Shoebat and the point this video makes is that those Muslims who actively follow certain Koranic guidelines; in fact make war against who they see as the infidel.  This warring, the actions of hatred done by many Muslims against Christians, is the same kind of violence done by active Satanists. Watch the Video at the end of this article! The ISIS arrival in the middle is not new.  Society saw this during the crusades. But the arrival of ISIS has reminded society of a brand of Islam that is demonic, filled with devilish hatred.

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Chilling Australian Radio Interview of Pseudo ISIS Chief Omar Shishani-The Real story

An Australian Media Watch site has uncovered along with others that the so called and highly controversial  and “chilling” interview of ISIS Chief Omar Shishani is a spoof Interview.


MediaWatch who broke story here

A man who claimed to be the overall military commander of the Islamic State spoke with Tom Elliott on August 15th.

Many viewers called in and spoke about this Chilling Australian Radio Interview of ISIS Chief Omar Shishani. However some websites and major news organizations all brought up the fact that it might be a fake.

But the truth be told, Omar Ali Shishani would stop at nothing to make Jihad, including having no time for an interview with western journalists.

In short and to the point, the interview of August 15th, 2014 where Australian host Tom Elliot interviewed Omar Shishani was a dud. It was fake, a spoof interview. However Tom Elliot did not know it and no word from his people on this. The person who did it was in fact contacted and wanted to expose Western Journalists for what they were. He also is against ISIS and their goal.  MediaWatch who found out it was fake.

It is a small world seemingly without borders and connected by the internet. I questioned the veracity of this, which is why I put on it, “a man who claims to be”, we never once said he was the real “Shishani”, I would of not had a clue; however I did question it. But our thanks to listener RM of Australia who sent us a link and a quick message regarding this. If Shishani, the real one was asked; he would say his goal is to put the entire World under the law of shariah

Again: US conducts new airstrikes as ISIS kills 90 Yazidis

The U.S. military conducted new airstrikes against Islamic militants Friday as sources tell Fox News members of the group killed 90 male members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority in a northern village and kidnapped “dozens” of women and children.

The Kurdish-speaking ethnic and religious group, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands in Iraq, has been persecuted in the north by Islamic State militants, with at least 500 killed prior to Friday’s news, according to Iraq’s human rights minister

via US conducts new airstrikes as ISIS kills 90 Yazidis in Iraq town, officials say | Fox News.