Hamas to Face War Crimes Suit in US Department of Justice

Hamas attack on Israeli locationsHamas to Face War Crimes Suit in US Department of Justice

Yet another lawsuit is being levied against the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Tuesday afternoon, as 26 US citizens file a complaint to the Department of Justice seeking restitution against Hamas for war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. The lawsuit notes that Palestinian Arab terrorists deliberately fired rockets at Ben-Gurion Airport during the summer… [Read more…]

ISIS Executes At Least 30 People, Including Children, In Syria: Report

ISIS executes here is a flagISIS Executes At Least 30 People, Including Children, In Syria: Report
It is clear that a solution to ISIS is somewhere in the far distant future, galaxies away in a realm we know not of! As the nations gather, as the Arabs get their coalition to fight as one, as the USA continues to bomb ISIS, and as the atrocities continue; it is another day in la la land. How to get ISIS removed without fielding an army? Well, it has continued and from the start we covered the ‘daesh’ devils and their knack for slicing off heads, crucifixions, burning alive, raping women and girls, and overall doing things in the name of their devil god! Now we find more things they do like burning minorities alive after taking their villages. Oh, by the way killing children as well. You see this is also not a new thing!

But in the days of the ‘blood moons‘, things are bloody!

Here is the latest report, it is short and to the point!

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on ISIS executes

The Islamic State group on Tuesday executed at least 30 people, including two children, during an attack on a regime-held village in the central Syrian city of Hama, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported, citing a monitor of the conflict in Syria. ISIS militants “executed at least 30 people, including women and children, by burning, beheading, and… [Read more…]

Muslim Youth Group Declares ‘Jihad Against ISIS’

Muslim Youth Group Declares ‘Jihad Against ISIS’

ISIS Caliphate

A British nonprofit for Muslim youth has launched a “Jihad against ISIS” campaign aimed at dissuading teenagers from joining the Islamic State group. The Muslim Youth League UK declared last weekend “ideological war” against the extremists, who have become known in recent months for robust online recruiting efforts that lure young adults to Syria. The group… [Read more…]

PA Asks FIFA to Suspend Israel

PA Asks FIFA to Suspend Israel

Jerusalem's snow
Jerusalem’s snow

It simply amazes me that at every corner I find the PA; that is, some official that has control over their various enterprises. Like this guy, Jibril Rajoub who is a senior member of the PA. But he also is involved with the PA football Association. He pushes to get Israel expelled out of the Football Association.  Now this guy is another PA voice trying to expel Israel or hurt Israel. They do this on the international scene.

You know, I live in an area where there are dogs that constantly bark. There is a small breed of dog, this little guy won’t shut up. He barks and barks and barks. He barks at everything. He is not a danger, unless you fear dogs like him. He might bite! But overall the dog is a nuisance. The PA is like that dog, they bark and bark all day long before the nations. They bring phony charges, and do one thing. This is to bring trouble to Israel. They see her as an illegitimate player in Jerusalem. They want her removed.

The PA had a chance when they first received Gaza free and clear. Arafat was the leader and what did they do? They made war, taught their children blood libel against all Jews and Israel. Instead of building factories, creating jobs, and finding a way to help their people, they made war and allowed hatred to fuel their ideas. Now all these years later you have lots of people there in misery and the leadership of the PA is to blame, not Israel!

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Palestinians join ICC   Mufti of Jerusalem “liberate” Palestine

The Teachings of the Watchman Dana G Smith

The Watchman Dana G Smith

I support Israel

The Palestinian Football Association on Monday officially asked the international soccer organization FIFA to suspend Israel. The move is being led by Jibril Rajoub, a senior member of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas”s Fatah movement who currently serves as president of the Palestinian Football Association. Rajoub has been trying for months to convince FIFA to suspend… [Read more…]

As Palestinians join ICC, both sides hope to avoid escalation

PA Pres AbbasAs Palestinians join ICC, both sides hope to avoid escalation

The Palestinians have been in the news these past months as their efforts to get statehood continues. But at what cost? While the PA joins the ICC and becomes a member of the court, they have already pushed the idea of bringing Israel before the court. Which they intend to do. Yet as they do this, they suggest that afterall; they hope to avoid escalation! This comes under, “sure, I believe that”; not really that is. While these people maneuver their way to push Israel out of her land and corner her, the “mufti of Jerusalem”, said recently:

The top religious leader in the Palestinian Authority recently said it was the duty of Muslims to “liberate” Palestine from Israelis, according to to Palestinian Media Watch, an NGO that monitors Palestinian public media outlets; read article here!

So while they head to the ICC and place political rhetoric out in front of the nations, it is politically charged and meant to downplay their intentions. The truth is, they want the land; a state, but while they say this the top Palestinian leader says “liberate”! What part of “L-I-B-E-R-A-T-E” do you not understand? Be sure Netanyahu and the Jews know!

The Teachings of the Watchman Dana G Smith

The Watchman Dana G Smith

I support Israel

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gestures during a speech in the West Bank city of Ramallah on January 4, 2015. (photo credit: AFP/Abbas Momani) On April 1, the “State of Palestine” officially becomes a member at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But while some may hail this as a historic event, it changes almost… [Read more…]

Jerusalem Arab Arrested for Joining ISIS

Jerusalem Arab Arrested for Joining ISIStemple mount

It has been released for publication Monday that the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), together with police, arrested an Arab resident of Jerusalem who joined the ISIS terrorist group and may have planned terror attacks in Israel. Khalil Adel Khalil, a 25-year-old resident of A-Tor, is an Israeli citizen, and worked as a medical assistant at… [Read more…]

Saudi-led coalition – Weaning Themselves Off U.S. Support

The Gulf States Are Weaning Themselves Off U.S. Support
Gulf states

The Saudi-led coalition of 10 Arab countries, which is now intervening in the crisis in Yemen, is the product of longer-term efforts by Saudi Arabia to expand its military capabilities, build military coalitions with regional allies and ultimately play a more assertive role in the wider Middle East. It comes on the heels of ongoing Saudi… [Read more…]

The problem from hell in an Iran Nuclear deal: Verification

nuclear inspection Iran Deal IAEAThe problem from hell in an Iran Nuclear deal: Verification

IAEA inspectors at Iran’s nuclear power plant in Natanz, on January 20, 2014 (photo credit: IRNA/AFP Kazem Ghane) There are more than half a dozen shifting elements at play in the Iran nuclear deal currently being cobbled together in Lausanne, Switzerland – everything from the number of uranium-enriching centrifuges to the fate of the underground facility… [Read more…]

Pursuit of Jewish Rights on the Mount is Challenge for Jordan

Israel intifada and Dome Rock

 The Temple Mount is important for Christians, but the fact that it is tied to prophecy in the Brit Chadesh by the Apostle Paul; makes a solid note for believers to watch what happens. Yet as we do watch Israel the real truth is, many Christians do not understand the aspect of Christianity itself and the Apostolic doctrine given to them by Yeshua. Simply put, Christianity has over the Centuries made a separate religion and faith outside of the Jewish aspect of Christianity.
You can no more separate the Jews or Judah or Israel from Christianity than you can separate Judaism from the Jews. It was a Jewish Messiach, named ‘Jesus‘ in the English and Yeshuahebrew messianic name‘ who died on the cross and brought redemption. It was Jewish Apostles who carried the message to the Gentiles, it was 3000 Jews gathered at Pentecost to hear Peters sermon who accepted his message and word, and it was Jews who followed the Apostle Paul and others around to persecute them and stop them from giving their message.
Whatever you may think, whether you are Jew or Christian, we are linked! For good or bad, eternal or non eternal; we are linked. But I believe Scripture and I know that one day, Romans 11 will be fulfilled; for “G_d has not cast away the Jews” and “all Israel shall be saved”! It is the L_rds program and not mans!
In conclusion, Yeshua; Jesus Christ was not a blue eyed white guy from America or Europe! He was and is the Greater Son of David, the Messiach, the Son of G_D, and one day all this will be revealed to all the world! He was a Jew and also the Son of G_D!
The Teachings of the Watchman Dana G SmithI support Israel,
The Watchman Dana G Smith
WIBR/WARN Radio and Ministries

Ties between Jerusalem and Amman are frosty on the outside, but warm on the inside. Last year”s tensions over the Temple Mount brought Jordan to withdraw its ambassador from Israel – although the police response to terrorist attacks was far tamer than the attacks themselves. Jerusalem is a tough issue for Jordan”s government, which forced Binyamin… [Read more…]

Oil Adds Gains Amid Yemen Conflict

drilling oil 2015Oil Prices made gains? Well many were wondering if Oil would go up and from past history of oil, we know that it follows what occurs in the world. Especially wars, violence, and chaos. With the middle east on fire and Iran fighting in Iraq and Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Arab coalition fighting in Yemen, America fighting with her coalition in Syria and Iraq, and then Russia in Ukraine; well the fact is, this instability and chaos should raise the stakes somewhat in the oil prices.  In Wyoming the talk and furvor has been over the oil price and can we weather the downturn, while the same worry is on many minds of those who produce and go after the black gold! Yet the truth is, the World runs on the stuff and the end of these conflicts won’t stop anytime soon. This is a roller coaster which won’t stop!

Nevertheless, around here lower oil means a cutback in the industry, but for consumers the extra money comes in real, real, real handy!

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on Oil and Crude prices

Saudi Arabia (Livereport) – Oil prices added gains for two days in a row last week amid fears of an imminent war in the Gulf region as Saudi Arabia begins its strikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen. Crude oil was higher by 6% by the end of the week, after the last… [Read more…]