I Was There, the Israeli Media is Lying

PM Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

 Sometimes you just have to be there to understand how much we do not understand. Sometimes to open your eyes, you need to look from the outside, in. Sometimes you need distance to discover simple truths. I stayed for a week in Washington D.C., next to leaders of public opinion and senior members of the US…

Despite US Rift, Experts See Poll Boost for Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s blistering attack on a US push for a nuclear accord with Iran soured ties with Washington but could boost his prospects in elections this month, experts say. Netanyahu, seeking re-election on March 17, infuriated the White House with his address Tuesday to the US Congress, where he laid out Israeli concerns… [Read more…]

As airstrikes damage Islamic State, it seeks ‘money, money, money’

WIBR/WARN Radio "Cover the End of Days as they happen"
WIBR/WARN Radio “Cover the End of Days as they happen”

IRBIL, Iraq — The Islamic State might be the best-funded radical Islamist group, perhaps in history, but the coalition air campaign that’s targeting its oil-refining operations and military assets has begun to damage its ability to earn. And by denying the group additional territorial expansion, the airstrikes have limited the opportunities for it to profit from… [Read more…]

Iran’s Network Of Shiite Militias Leads Battle For Tikrit

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As Netanyahu said, “the enemy of your enemy, is still your enemy”!  Iran is an enemy of ISIS and is leading the way in Iraq against ISIS. The two groups, ISIS and Iran are vieing for the title of bringing in the Mahdi. One a shiite, Iran and/or the other a Sunni Caliphate, with their own Caliph.  Both groups are enemies of America, although Iran is more politically savy about things.

So while Iran may push ISIS out and defeat them totally, Iran is still as bad as or worse than ISIS.

After a months-long siege by the Islamic State group, Iraq is about to retake the Sunni city of Tikrit, thanks to an army largely made up of Shiite militias backed by Iran. Tehran’s influence in Iraq has been rapidly increasing through a widespread network of proxy Shiite militias whose presence could tear open old wounds for… [Read more…]

67 Members of Congress Send Message to Saudi King

King Salman of Saudi Arabia

  • 67 Members of Congress Send Message to Saudi King: Improve Religious Freedom

ICC Endorsed Congressional Letter Highlights “Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats” Faced by Religious Minorities, Women, and Political Reformers in Saudi Arabia

 02/27/2015 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) –

 In a new letter endorsed by International Christian Concern and Amnesty International, 63 Members of Congress today called upon King Salman of Saudi Arabia to make significant reforms in the area of human rights and religious freedom. The letter, led by Congressmen Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Peter Roskam (R-IL), is the first of its kind sent to the newly installed monarch and sends a strong message to a nation widely considered one of the most restrictive on earth.

 The letter, after expressing condolences at the death of the King’s brother, includes a list of recommendations for human rights improvements. “In this moment of transition…you have an historic opportunity…to strengthen education and initiate judicial reform, by ending the ban on women driving…lifting restrictions on public gatherings and social media; reforming “anti-terror” laws that have criminalized some who peacefully express criticism; ensuring due process in criminal proceedings and ending the use of torture; and allowing religious minorities to exercise their faiths…” the letter reads.

 In addition to Members of Congress, the letter was also endorsed by a broad coalition of 15 non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), including International Christian Concern, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Equality Now. The unusually broad coalition of NGO’s, and the bi-partisan make-up of the letter, is indicative of the widespread concern for human rights abuses taking place in Saudi Arabia. 

  [Read more…]

Libya Map of Militant groups in control 2015

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Full Text Of Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress

PM Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a controversial speech Tuesday before a joint session of the U.S. Congress, where he urged the U.S. not to agree with Iran on a nuclear deal and compared Tehran to the Islamic State militant group. Netanyahu said a potential agreement between the U.S. and Iran would be a “very bad… [Read more…]

Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Barn Burning Speech before Joint Session of Congress

Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Barn Burning Speech before Joint Session of Congress

Israel and Netanyahu
Israel and Netanyahu

For the first time in a hundred years, we the jewish people can defend ourselves.

Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand…

But I know Israel won’t stand alone, I know America stands with Israel, I know that you stand with Israel…….From Benjamin Netanyhu speech before joint session of Congress

Iran Nightmare of The Vulture  Why Iran should not get the bomb video

“His Excellency, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel”, shouted speaker Boenher introducing him to the joint session of Congress.  What well may be the most controversial speech ever given in a joint meeting of Congress, one thing would become well known. This was a speech that the Prime minister felt obligated to give. He

Impeach him
Obama’s push for Nuc treaty with Iran

acknowledged all that America had done in the past for Israel, but also that President Barack Obama had done; “many things” he said which you do not know, and “some” things you will never know, but “I know” the Prime Minister said strongly, “Of what President Barack Obama has done for Israel”!

Lest people would get the wrong idea; Benjamin Netayanhu said that “He regretted people had construed this speech as a political move, saying ‘it was not my purpose’”!  The purpose for the speech was the profound obligation as he put it, to “cover Iran’s quest for Nuclear weapons”.

Netanyahu spoke that Iran used the Oldest hatred of Israel with newest technology of man and illustrated this by speaking of the Ayatollah who tweets of Israel’s destruction. Meanwhile he quoted a hamas chief who said “If all jews gather in Israel it saves us time to chase them down to kill them”

[Read more…]

Netanyaho Speech cranks up Demand for Tickets in spite of Obama Opposition

Netanyaho Speech cranks up Demand for Tickets in spite of Obama Opposition

Israel and Netanyahu
Israel and Netanyahu

The one thing Israel has, even if Obama is more pro-arab and pro-muslim than other administrations America has had before; is friends in the USA.  In spite of Obama and his continual push to grab Iran’s hand for friendship and his lack of understanding that Iran is not America’s friend nor Israel’s, the fight goes on. Even as Obama’s latest proposals with Iran are being rejected by Iran. They want more nuclear, they want it now, and they won’t take no for an answer.

By the time it is all said and done, Iran will have the bomb, not just any bomb but a nuclear warhead, with a missile that can reach the USA. In spite of Obama’s ignorance to learn the hard facts on Iran, his Muslim tendencies push him to believe Iran. Iran is a snake, they are dangerous and as such you must not allow it to become armed. But the Obama administrations push to placate Iran will help them to achieve their goal of a Nuclear Iran.  I recommend you watch the “Night of the Vulture“, it will describe more. Yet Netanyahu has a sense of calling, duty, and warning when he comes to deliver his speech. It is a speech that many will want to hear. I have listened to Netanyahu on numerous occasions warn of Iran’s threat to America and to Israel.

The American public must be warned, now while not everyone can be in those chambers to listen, they can view it live here.  But you must know, that Iran, in the end is an endtime apocalyptic state bent on bringing in the Mahdi and gain world Islamic rule.


WIBR/WARN Radio Netanyaho speech;

For more, Obama Boycott of PM’s Speech Backfires; Huge Demand for Tickets

A New York Times report Tuesday compares demand for tickets to Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech before the joint houses of Congress Tuesday to that of a top-class musical concert. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told the newspaper the only ticket more in demand than a seat inside the House chamber for Netanyahu”s address would be “if it was… [Read more…]

The US greets Netanyahu with a warning: don’t politicise our partnership

Israelis celebrate taking Jerusalem - Copy

 Forced into a rare confrontation by a Republican invitation to address Congress, the Obama administration and Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, tried to present a united front in the face of Iran’s nuclear ambition last night. But public protestations of enduring friendship may not last amid acrimony over Mr Netanyahu’s plans to voice his objections to…