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Al-Tahrir News Network | Unknown victims: The story of the Yazidis – Al-Tahrir News Network

We have reported on the slaughter of Yazidis by ISIS! They are now trapped on Mt. Sinjar, again!

Who are the Yazidis and what do they believe?

Here is a good background story with pics!

Excerpt below:

The Yazidi sect is often mischaracterised, likely due to the fact that it has evolved over time, Yazidis are relatively isolated, and their story is exclusively based in oral tradition. Yet as is the case with many ancient faith systems from Central Asia and the Near East, modern doctrinal and theological methods of categorising religion are ill-equipped at tracing the extent of exchange and development of traditions lost in time. It is important to know the facts, or rather to know what is fact and what is assertion.

One major scholar on the Yazidi faith, Eszter Spat, discusses how Yazidism and other ancient traditions are easily lost as they depend on oral transmission amidst a changing world, and in a region with low literacy rates. A Yazidi online source,, explain that the tradition possible dates back to 4,750 BCE in India. Suggestions that Yazidis are pseudo-Zoroastrian or any other single religion is a categorical misnomer, however the eclecticism of the religion is beguiling.

via Al-Tahrir News Network | Unknown victims: The story of the Yazidis – Al-Tahrir News Network.

Report: Iran and Russia Join Forces against ISIS in Iraq

The governments of Iran and Russia have announced a joint effort to enhance their military operations against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). Militaries from both countries will be working with Iraqi commanders.

“Over 60 military experts from Russia and Iran created a joint operations headquarters in the Al Rasheed Hotel in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad,” said a report handed to an Iranian news agency.

via Report: Iran and Russia Join Forces against ISIS in Iraq.

Libya has become the latest Isil conquest – Telegraph

Extremists have declared Libya part of the Isil caliphate. Former Libyan militant Noman Benotman examines what’s gone wrong

Libya is now in the throes of an extreme political crisis. If the conditions remain unchallenged and, hence, unchanged, it will turn into another Syria or Iraq.

While ISIL has managed to capture the attention of the international media with its powerful propaganda and its violent tactics, the world’s has ignored the equally threatening Islamist groups and movements that have prospered in North Africa in the post-Arab Spring vacuum. Nowhere is this threat more profound than with the rise of radical Islam in Libya

via Libya has become the latest Isil conquest – Telegraph.

U.S. official: Iraq army not ready to repel ISIL

MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — U.S. airstrikes and Iraqi ground forces have blunted an Islamic State offensive in Iraq, but it will be months before Iraq can mount a sustained counteroffensive to take terrain back, a senior U.S. military official said Thursday.

The official, who is involved in directing the military’s campaign against the militants, said Iraq’s security forces have been able to mount some limited counterattacks with the help of U.S. airstrikes.

The official, who briefed reporters on the situation in Iraq, asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the strategy. The official did not say exactly how long it would take to rebuild Iraq’s forces so they could repel the militants, but indicated it would be less than a year.

via U.S. official: Iraq army not ready to repel ISIL.

Archbishop of Mosul Amel Nona

UPDATE: Peshmerga take control of strategic town northeast of Mosul

ZUMAR/ERBIL – Peshmerga have taken control of Zumar, a strategic town on a highway connecting Islamic State (ISIS) territory in Syria to their largest city, Mosul, a Peshmerga commander told Rudaw.

“Zumar is controlled by the Peshmarga forces. ISIS completely evacuated it,” Sheikh Ahmad Mohammad, the leader of an elite Peshmerga unit in Zumar, told Rudaw Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday Kurdish units took 13 villages surrounding Zumar before entering the town, where they drove out Islamic State fighters. A number of villages including Jaziri, Sinana Jadid, Boti, Grikafir, Girber, Kani Shirin, and Girbakir were used as a launching point to drive into Zumar itself.

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kobani 2014

US Seeks To Cut ISIS Oil Revenues Through Sanctions

US Seeks To Cut ISIS Oil Revenues Through Sanctions and it is about time. Although there is much ISIS can do on the black market, like selling cheap oil to people who cross the border of Turkey; who resell the stuff. There is a market both for oil and for human cargo; i.e. sex slaves etc. ISIS has had plenty of opportunity to make money in these arena’s. Yet they have to keep the money somewhere!  What help and do is helping them?  ISIS uses Drug Trade as well!

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on US Seeks To Cut ISIS Oil Revenues Through Sanctions

The United States on Thursday threatened to impose “powerful and international sanctions” on anyone buying oil from the Islamic State group. The militant group is estimated to be generating millions of dollars in revenues by selling oil on the black market. “ISIL has grabbed the world’s attention for its outlandish ambitions and astounding brutality, but also… Continue reading

ISIS break the cross

Obama administration officials detail obstacles to Islamic State campaign

Obama administration officials detail obstacles to Islamic State campaign

Obstacles, your kidding! But we know several retired Generals came out and lambasted whole plan to just use planes to win a war against such a bloody enemy as ISIS. After-all, was our efforts to put weapons into the hands of Jihadists in Syria that got ISIS all those weapons and an army. Then they seized military bases in Syria and Iraq plus major urban areas when the Iraqi army ran. Those millions spent on the Iraqi army became the supplies for the ISIS group, who has now gone into oil revenue, slave trade, and the arms market.

WIBR/WARN Radio Commentary on Obama administration officials detail obstacles to Islamic State campaign

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Thursday offered a very mixed assessment of progress in the U.S.-led campaign to degrade and defeat the Islamic State, with no serious ground offensive against the militant group likely for at least a year and little sign that the effort to stanch its flow of money has succeeded. In separate… Continue reading

ISIS Has Weaponized Chlorine Gas: Report

ISIS Has Weaponized Chlorine Gas: Report

It was clear from the photo’s, it was gas. Israel had reported ISIS used Poison gas with Mustard being the agent! Other reports and pic’s of dead Kurds who looked like they were gassed circulated. The reports said it was Chlorine gas.  The pictures came out of Kobani and I had been tracking what was going on. I had many streams I was watching, taking notes, writing articles, and publishing stuff to get the word out on Kobane. ISIS had heavier weapons, the YPG and YPJ had guts and determination but until the USA and it’s coalition started bombing, the fight looked like it would be over!

Now comes the addition to what the Kurds said on the scene; “It was gas”!

WIBR/WARN Radio commentary on ISIS Has Weaponized Chlorine Gas: Report

The Islamic State group is in possession of chlorine and used it in at least one attack on Iraqi security forces last month, according to the Washington Post. An Iraqi Defense Ministry supported the report, making it the first documented instance of chemical weapons use by the militant group. However, it is by no means the… Continue reading