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To Dana & Tower
I wish to say thank-you. My wife greatly improved a few months ago. After failed back surgery she was on many pain killers, including Opana. We were able to drop most of her pain medicine and she is doing much better now....D

You're message tonight was cogent, logical, laid out in a format that was easy to follow, and if someone doesn't "git it", then it's on them...not you, THEM. I don't know how anyone could argue with this message, as it was laid out so plainly for folks to follow. And yes indeed, as some will be martyred, God will always have his remnant of matter what, it is all in His majestic reason for an of us to long as we're abiding by His Word, it doesn't matter at all what this world can throw at us!! Peace be unto you Watchman, and Sister Tower, as we abide daily in the Love of the Lord...yer brother S.

Just listened to my download of the Remnant Devoted Unto The Lord...very, VERY moving...awesome message, Watchman. Much, much appreciated....signed J.

HELLO Dana, Tower, Chris...GOD BLESS YOU.... Listening to your show and I have felt very uplifted.... great show...signed CB.

I pray the Lord's mighty blessing on you and yours. May He lead and guide you and care for your EVERY need....signed SM.

I'm really thankful the Lord led me to ya'll. You have strengthen my faith and re-enforced the message that has been in my heart for ever. You just don't get this everywhere.  So, G-d bless...Signed M.S

Thank God for Dana and the knowledge and Revelation God has given him for this day and hour, His teachings have come to my mind over and over these days. God has called and chosen Him tower.....and you and ibild..Signed EW.

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